Welcome to SPECTALUM - an engine remake of Eye of Beholder 2 - The Legend of Darkmoon

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Because I loved this game so much - I played it a long long time ago on my Amiga 500 and later on my first PC.
Another point is my interest in classic gaming technologies. I think this Dungeon-Master style is very interesting from a gamers - and a programmers view. You can create fascinating worlds with very low system resources.

How to play

Copy your original game datafiles (ENGLISH version only) into the "original" game folder. Now start the game with the remake-binary (e.g. spectalum.exe).
Eye of the Beholder - the Legend of Darkmoon is a classic role playing game from the early 90's. You move through a static tile-based 3D environment solving puzzles and hunting monsters.

What do I need to play this remake?

My ambition was to create a system-independent remake of the great original. That means old-school 320x200 role playing gameplay. By using the SDL multimedia library and general C++ coding standards the game will run on any
libSDL supported platform.
(c) code and programming: Axel Friedrich, graphics and all original-game artwork: Westwood Studios

Surftips: Pauschalreisen, Lastminute Urlaub